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Welcome/Republic Day

26/01/2016 22:30 Written by Saintslover

Greetings passengers! 

We're very glad you've all joined us lately, and we're hoping you are finding your way around the chat with ease! Whilst we're still not "launched" 100% we are getting there, and we have noticed your presence! We'd like to give those of you who are with us an official WELCOME from the team! 

If you need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us! We're around daily! 

We'd also like to wish you a very happy Republic Day! Some of us, until recently had not heard of the full celebrations, but after reading about things like the 3 day pride, we can only imagine how amazing your next 3 days might be! 

We hope that you have an amazing time, the pictures and videos we have seen look outstanding! The Surya Kiran team remind us of our very own Red Arrows... and the Rashtrapati Bhavan looks simply beautiful when lit up! 

As we said above, have a great few days and we'll see you all soon! 

All the best

The Lycos Chat India Team.

Launch Status

15/11/2014 14:30 Written by HarbourMaster

Dear Passengers and Crew,

Launch Status: NOT LAUNCHED

We have not yet launched our new Indian Chat. You may have stumbled across this community and wondered why there are no chatters, well this is why. We have literally just opened the chat so that we can recruit and train our new Navigators (moderators) and ensure everything is working correctly.

If you've stumbled across the community, you're welcome to hang out, but there probably won't be anyone to chat to just yet *S*

We hope to launch within the next week or so, at which point there will be full announcements. If you wish to chat on a busy chat community, you can head over to our UK version HERE, which has in excess of 10,000 active chatters. Announcements will be made on that chat too, when the Indian chat launches :)

Kind Regards,



09/11/2014 18:44 Written by TigerBear

Dear passengers and crew


May we take this opportunity of welcoming you all onboard our brand new ship.  Please make yourself comfortable and your journey will begin.


Ship Ahoy!

What is a Navigator?

Navigators are chatters who volunteer to spend a lot of time helping out and keeping order on the chat.

The ideal Navigator knows every little secret on the Chat, he or she is extremely patient, both when helping out newbies and when dealing with occasional trouble.

Only very experienced chatters become Navigators, so if you feel like helping others and want to help make the chat a nice place for everyone, it could be just the challenge for you.

How to become a Navigator

Would you like to be a Chat Navigator?

Before answering this question there are some things you should know.

Being a Navigator is not an easy role to fulfil. It is demanding, takes hard work and dedication and a lot of online time.

  1. As a navigator you're an ambassador for the Chat. This means that chatters watch everything you say and do. Behave inappropriately, and it gives all Navigators a bad name. Being helpful at all times when on and off watch, shows what a great team we are.
  2. Navigators are the first people new chatters meet and their most important task is to make sure that these newbies have a good experience the first time they are on board.
  3. Some chatters will see it as their job to try to wind you up. If they succeed, they win. If they don't, everyone wins :) Therefore you have to be helpful and patient when people ask you a question. As a Navigator your behaviour should be spotless on the chat at all times.

If you are the kind of person who gets emotional easily, then being a navigator may not be for you. You must be objective always; NEVER taking sides, even when your friends are involved, and always play devils advocate. Never make assumptions.
You must be able to keep confidences, both chatters and other Navigators may come to you with problems. And you will also be the first to find out about new things too – you must be able to keep these things close to your chest! Having the patience of a saint too is necessary! Some chatters take a while to help, and you need to ensure that your personality can cope with these demanding times.

You should also ask yourself, Am I a team player? This is a very important question as the Navigator system can only work with a team spirit. All ranks working together for a common goal.

All this said, being a navigator is very rewarding. Just ask any of our existing Navigators and they will tell you that nothing beats the feeling of when you help a chatter or solve a dispute and receive a huge Thank you.
So, still interested? Then you also need to meet the following criteria.
  1. You must have been a chatter for at least 6 months.
  2. You must have a minimum chat rank of Midshipman.
  3. You must have a clear chat record, with no serious bans/behaviour issues in the last 6 months.
  4. You must also have completed the 5 standard chat quests. /sing, /shout, /whisper, /sleep, /love.

    If you are a former navigator ranked 3rd or above and wish to return to the team on any name, please contact a chief navigator to discuss your options.

If you meet the criteria above, there is still one more thing to do. To become a Navigator you have to pass the Navigator Exam.

If you would like to be a navigator, and do not qualify yet, then take this time to get to know everything there is to know about the chat. The more you know, the more you'll be able to help others.

So, join the Navigator Team and help make Chat the fun and friendly place you want it to be! Keep an eye on the bridge for opportunities to register for the exam!

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